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Students take critical look on PIDbox

Matthias Van Meerbeek and Jorge Henderickx, students energy technology at Thomas More Hogeschool, take an independent critical look on the efficiency of Ilumens PIDbox mini. “The idea for this test has grown out of my own interests”, explains Matthias Van Meerbeek. “For me it’s important that renewable energy is used as sustainable as possible. The PIDbox is a solution for potential induced degradation (PID) in order to get the most out of your solar panels.”

studenten werpen kritische blik op pid box ilumen

Test against reality

“Our aim was to test the PIDbox, Ilumens solution to PID, against reality. The device had already been tested in situations where PID was obviously noticed and yielded very good results”, says Van Meerbeek. “What makes our research different is that we did a test at 35 randomly selected installations, whose owners didn’t notice any anomalies or efficiency losses. They were all convinced that their PV system worked properly”, Henderickx adds.

Remarkable results

However, the results contradicted the idea of the owners of the PV systems. “For each installation on which the PIDbox was installed, a positive effect was found. In other words: the power output of each installation has increased thanks to the PIDbox. The minimum efficiency increase of all PV systems was 7,45%”, Henderickx continues.

These results were incorporated into a theoretical degradation model, in order to analyze the development of PID for 20 years. “The average PV system was installed in 2010, equivalent to certificates of €350/ 1.000 kWh. If combined with the predicted degradation, the current energy price, the average yield of a PV system and the price of the PIDbox, the cost is paid back in less than three years. That’s quite impressive for installations for which no efficiency losses were noticeable without detailed measurements.”

PID-box pays off

Van Meerbeek and Hendericx are happy with the conclusions that they could draw. “At all tested PV systems an efficiency improvement was noticeable after the installation of the PIDbox. A lot of green energy is lost before you even notice it. We can therefore advise to install a PIDbox on each PV system, whether it is old or new!

“We have already undertaken similar research ourselves and could then draw the same conclusions”, Ismaël Ben-Al-Lal of Ilumen adds. “But now this independent study presents similar results, we can say with confidence that the PIDbox indeed performs like it should perform.”

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