Tigo Optimizers
Successful implementation PIDbox on PV plant with Tigo optimizers

Tigo is the developer of products that solve solar shading issues and solar panel mismatching. As can be read here, the PIDbox of iLumen can without any problem be installed to solar panels with Tigo optimizers. Several successful results were already achieved on the field.

On March 15, 2016, the PIDbox of iLumen was installed on a PV installation in Ergates (Cyprus) equipped with Tigo optimizers . “At the end of July 2016, we observed on our SolarLog monitoring system that the performance of the solar panels on which a PIDbox was installed had greatly improved in comparison with panels on which no PIDbox was installed”, the owner of the PV plant explains.

Picture: New Ideas

The figures below show the impact of the installation of the PIDbox on the yield of the PV plant equipped with Tigo optimizers.


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