Test case proves positive impact PIDbox on SolerEdge technology yield

SolarEdge PIDbox test

Several owners of solar panels use the so-called ‘power optimizer’ products of SolarEdge. As described earlier, the PIDbox of iLumen is the only solution in the market that is compatible with these products. The power optimizers try to achieve a higher efficiency by providing a control unit at each solar panel that gets the maximum […]

PIDbox iLumen compatible with Tigo optimizers


Tigo is the developer of products that solve solar shading issues and solar panel mismatching. The PIDbox of iLumen can without any problem be installed to solar panels with Tigo optimizers.  Several in-depth tests have proven the compatibility of iLumens PIDbox with Tigo products. The PIDbox of iLumen increases the efficiency of solar panels and […]

PIDbox Light compatible with ABB-inverters

PIDbox Light

The PIDbox of iLumen regenerates PID affected solar panels and preserves them from future loss of efficiency. This device was developed in a way that it works independently of the inverter and therefore it can never harm.  An exception to this rule is the PIDbox Light, a slightly modified version of the PIDbox mini, which is easy […]

Compatibility PIDbox & power optimizers

PIDbox MIni

iLumen’s PIDbox increases the yield of solar panels that are affected by Potential Induced Degradation and extends their lifetime. This device is compatible with each type of solar panel and independent of the inverter. Only when using the so-called ‘power optimizer’ products of for example Solaredge, the proper functioning of the PIDbox is threatened. This […]

Is the PIDbox compatible with each type of PV system?

PIDbox Mini iLumenAfter a certain amount of time almost all solar panels suffer from a loss of efficiency caused by potential induced degradation (PID). To deal with this phenomenon, Ilumen developed the PIDbox. But to what types of PV system this device is compatible? Inverter independent  The PIDbox regenerates the PID affected panels and preserves the installation [...]