Europe is for first time generating more sustainable than fossil energy

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In the first half of 2020, Europe generated more sustainable electricity for the first time – including wind turbines and solar panels – than fossil electricity. This is reported by climate think tank Ember. The think tank publishes a report every year on the European energy supply and its sustainability. 11 percent growth Not less […]

Solar energy most popular energy source in the world

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Solar energy was by far the most important new source of power generation technology worldwide in 2019. No other energy source was responsible for more new installations than solar modules. Solar panels accounted for 45 percent of the world’s newly added electricity generating capacity during last calendar year, according to researchers of Bloomberg New Energy […]

IEA: “Put renewable energy at the heart of stimulation plans against corona”

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Following the International Energy Agency (IEA), international governments must put clean energy at the center of the stimulus plans to combat the economic damage caused by the corona virus.  “The impact of the coronavirus around the world and the resulting turmoil in the world markets is dominating global attention. Governments are responding to these interconnected […]

Renewable energy accounts for one third of global power capacity

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According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the trend of strong growth in renewable energy capacity continued in 2018 with a worldwide increase of 171 gigawatts. Solar energy accounts for the most important part of the growth. The annual increase of 7.9% was supported by new capacity for solar and wind energy, together accounting […]

China develops huge solar energy park in space to provide the earth with green energy

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China is developing a giant solar energy park in space. That should eventually deliver green energy to the earth. According to specialists, the Chinese will have to overcome some major technical challenges. Solar energy from space is, according to the National Space Society (NSS) – an American non-profit that supports the development of space travel […]