Solar desalination plant should help withstand drought in Africa


On the campus of the University of Namibia a sustainable installation for the desalination of seawater has been put into use. The technology can become an important tool to help mitigate the impact of a dry climate. After all, the installation works on the basis of solar power. As a result, remote dry areas that […]

Boeing unveils solar powered aircraft that can keep flying around non-stop

vliegtuig op zonne-energie

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has unveiled an autonomous plane that flies on solar energy. In the spring of 2019, the solar plane must carry out its first flight. Not to carry passengers, but to do research. The aircraft, the Odysseus, was developed by Aurora Flight Services, a part of the aerospace company. The Odysseus is 74 […]

First investment subsidy for floating solar panels

floating pv

Flemish Energy Minister Bart Tommelein grants an investment subsidy for the first time to a project of floating solar panels. Floating PV wille be granted a maximum of 2 million euros. “As a government, we support new technologies until they are ready for the market,” explains Tommelein. “This project with floating solar panels combines a […]