Risks associated with the under-dimensioning of the inverter of PV plants


An important point of attention when purchasing a PV plant, is the dimensioning of the inverter in relation to the solar panels. For example, one can opt for an over- or under-dimensioning of the inverter. In this article, we will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches. Over-dimensioning inverter One of the motives […]

Multiple inverters per PIDbox for SolarEdge technology


The PIDbox Mini of iLumen is the only solution in the market that is compatible with SolarEdge technology. For some types of inverter, one PIDbox can be connected to two SolarEdge inverters. The power optimizers try to achieve a higher efficiency by providing a control unit at each solar panel that gets the maximum power out […]

What is the lifetime of an inverter?

Inverter Solar panels

In addition to the panels themselves, the inverter is a key component of a PV system. This device is responsible for converting direct current (DC) from the solar panels into alternating current (AC), compatible with the electricity grid and also for yield maximization (MPPT’s). But what are the characteristics of an inverter? An overview. LIFETIME […]

Is the PIDbox compatible with each type of PV system?

PIDbox Mini iLumenAfter a certain amount of time almost all solar panels suffer from a loss of efficiency caused by potential induced degradation (PID). To deal with this phenomenon, Ilumen developed the PIDbox. But to what types of PV system this device is compatible? Inverter independent  The PIDbox regenerates the PID affected panels and preserves the installation [...]