What makes the PIDbox solutions of iLumen different from other PID solutions?

PIDbox Mini

Our Energy Advisors are frequently asked in which sense the PIDbox of iLumen is different from other PID solutions in the market. The answer could not be any more straightforward. The PIDbox of iLumen increases the efficiency of PV modules and extends their lifetime. When installing a PIDbox, efficiency losses due to Potential Induced Degradation are cured […]

PIDbox Light compatible with ABB-inverters

PIDbox Light

The PIDbox of iLumen regenerates PID affected solar panels and preserves them from future loss of efficiency. This device was developed in a way that it works independently of the inverter and therefore it can never harm.  An exception to this rule is the PIDbox Light, a slightly modified version of the PIDbox mini, which is easy […]