iLumen Adds PIDbox Mini 40A to product range

PIDbox referentie Deinze

iLumen developed the patented PIDbox technology, which contributes to the increase in yield and life extension of PV plants. Our company was recently able to add the PIDbox Mini 40A to its existing PIDbox product range. With the launch of the PIDbox Mini 40A, iLumen is responding to the evolution in the market where the […]

iLumen applies Sigfox technology to energy-efficient PIDbox

Smart PSU

Tessenderlo-based engineering firm iLumen developed the PIDbox a few years ago. This patented device boosts the performance of solar panels and extends their lifetime. The PIDbox is currently sold on both consumer and professional markets in some 40 countries. In an effort to improve the quality of its products, iLumen is organising the rollout of […]

Meet iLumen’s PIDbox Mini in 3D format

iLumen's Pidbox

The PIDbox of iLumen increases the yield of PV modules and extends their life. The patented device is unique in the sense that it works independently of the inverter so warranty is never void. The PIDbox Mini is installed in series between the solar modules and the inverter. The PIDbox Mini weighs about 1,1 kg […]

Installation video Smart PSU PIDbox Mini

SmartPSU PIDbox Mini

The PIDbox of iLumen increases the yield of PV modules and extends their lifetime. When purchasing iLumen’s PIDbox, a Smart Power Supply Unit is by default included with a standard supplied AC-cable to connect the power supply. The Smart PSU makes the installation of iLumen’s PIDbox Mini very easy, as is demonstrated in the video below During the […]

A look behind the scenes of the PIDbox production process

Production PIDbox Mini

The PIDbox is a device that increases the efficiency of solar panels and extends their service life. iLumen is proud that the entire production and assembly process of this device takes place in Belgium. The video below gives you a look behind the scenes of the production process of the PIDbox and its Smart PSU. […]