Livestream iLumen booth at Intersolar Europe 2017

INtersolar Europe 2017

Just like previous years, iLumen is present as an exhibitor at Intersolar Europe 2017, the largest PV fair in the world. Intersolar Europe takes place in Munich from today to Friday, June 2.  During Intersolar Europe, iLumen will present its brand new Smart Power Supply Unit for the PIDbox Mini. The Smart PSU (CE certified) is […]

What makes the PIDbox solutions of iLumen different from other PID solutions?

PIDbox Mini

Our Energy Advisors are frequently asked in which sense the PIDbox of iLumen is different from other PID solutions in the market. The answer could not be any more straightforward. The PIDbox of iLumen increases the efficiency of PV modules and extends their lifetime. When installing a PIDbox, efficiency losses due to Potential Induced Degradation are cured […]

PIDbox Mini compatible with Kostal Piko inverters

PIDbox Mini

The PIDbox Mini of iLumen increases the efficiency of solar panels and extends their lifetime. This device is unique in the sense that it operates independently of the inverter and therefore never will harm warranty. In other words, the PIDbox Mini can be installed between each type of solar panels and inverter. This is also […]

PIDbox Mini only compatible PID solution to SolarEdge technology


Several owners of solar panels use the so-called ‘power optimizer’ products of SolarEdge. The PIDbox Mini of iLumen is the only solution in the market that is compatible with these products. The power optimizers try to achieve a higher efficiency by providing a control unit at each solar panel that gets the maximum power out […]

iLumen nominated for Award at Intersolar Europe

Logo Intersolar Award 2016 finalist

From June 22 to 24, the Intersolar Europe exhibition will take place in Munich. This is the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry. During the exhibition days, some awards will be handed out. The PIDbox Mini of iLumen is nominated for an Award in the category ‘photovoltaics’. This device increases the efficiency of solar panels and extends […]