Global PV capacity additions hit 115 GW in 2019, says IEA

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In terms of new solar installations, China was the world’s largest PV market for the third year in a row with 30.1 GW of fresh capacity in the 12 months to the end of December, followed by the United States with 13.3 GW and Japan with 7.7 GW. Last year, PV developers throughout the world […]

‘European sales of PV modules will increase by at least 50% in 2019’

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EnergyTrend, a division of TrendForce, predicts in its latest research report that worldwide sales of PV modules will grow to a level of no less than 113.2 GWp by 2019. Europe plays an important part in this growth.  According to EnergyTrend, PV module sales on the European continent will increase by at least 50% by […]

China develops 248 ha solar park in shape of giant panda

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When you fly over Datong County, you can spot giant pandas. One of them even waves at you. The giant pandas consist of thousands of solar modules. Together with the other modules, they form a solar farm of 100 MW that stretches out over no less than 248 ha. “The solar park was designed and […]

Overview map shows Energetic Payback time solar panels in Europe

Energy payback

The Energy Payback Time is often used as a measure of the climate friendliness of an energy source. This is the time required to recover the energy that is consumed during production. The figure below shows the Energy Payback Time of multicrystalline solar panels in Europe. In Belgium, it takes an average of one year […]

American spacecraft InSight unfolds solar panels on Mars

Marslander Insight landing Mars

Recently, the InSight spacecraft successfully landed on the planet of Mars. Immediately after the landing, the Marslander unfolded the solar panels that will supply him with power. On Mars the sunlight is much less strong than on earth because the planet is further away from the sun. But InSight does not need a lot of […]