Dutch journalist impressed about iLumen’s PIDbox: “It recovers your PV modules”

PIDbox Light

Today iLumen is active in no less than 40 countries with its efficiency-increasing PIDbox. The Dutch journalist Warna Oosterbaan of newspaper NRC Handelsblad is one of the many foreign customers of iLumen. “For nearly six years now, I am a satisfied user of the electricity produced on my roof by six solar modules”, says Oosterbaan […]

More than 2,500 square meters of solar modules in the North Sea


The Dutch consortium Oceans of Energy will install a ‘solar farm’ of 2,500 square meters in the North Sea, as a three-year pilot project. Solar modules in the middle of the North Sea, it sounds not so obvious at first glance. “Yet the principle is simple”, explains founder Allard Van Hoeken on Belgian Radio 1. […]

iLumen launches battery for solar modules

Tommelein iLubat

PV module specialist iLumen from Tessenderlo (Belgium) has presented its self-developed battery for solar systems. The iLubat, as the battery is called, will be brought to the market this spring. According to the developers, the payback period is less than five years. Flemish Energy Minister Bart Tommelein reacts enthusiastically: “This type of innovation contributes to […]

Recycle your solar panels, even if it is only to impress your neighbour!

Aanvaardingsplicht zonnepanelen

Solar panels became really popular over the past few years, partly due to the subsidies that made them financially interesting. An opportunity to help protect the environment and to help you save money on your energy bills. But what to do when your solar panels become defective? The ecological circle will be fully closed when […]