German airport completely CO2 neutral thanks to solar modules

Airport Weeze zonnepanelen

Airport Weeze has reached an important milestone: in the past calendar year, the airport was able to operate CO2-neutral for the first time thanks to the production of solar energy. In the annual report, the airport reports that the basis for its success is formed by high energy efficiency in combination with 2 solar power […]

13.000 billion dollars for worldwide solar and wind production until 2050

zon en wind

To make the transition to green energy possible, over the next 30 years around 13.000 billion dollars will have to be invested worldwide in solar modules and wind turbines. This significantly reduces CO2 emissions, which will be in line with the goals of the Paris climate agreement. These conclusions emerge from an analysis by ING, […]

Solar energy is the fastest growing energy technology in the world

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In 2018 the global PV market grew for the first time by more than 100 GW. More specific, a cumulative growth of around 25% occurred. The total installed solar energy capacity was 505 GW at the end of last year compared to 15 GW only 10 years ago. An important factor in the growth of […]

Solar desalination plant should help withstand drought in Africa


On the campus of the University of Namibia a sustainable installation for the desalination of seawater has been put into use. The technology can become an important tool to help mitigate the impact of a dry climate. After all, the installation works on the basis of solar power. As a result, remote dry areas that […]

‘European sales of PV modules will increase by at least 50% in 2019’

PV Wereldwijd

EnergyTrend, a division of TrendForce, predicts in its latest research report that worldwide sales of PV modules will grow to a level of no less than 113.2 GWp by 2019. Europe plays an important part in this growth.  According to EnergyTrend, PV module sales on the European continent will increase by at least 50% by […]