Risks associated with the under-dimensioning of the inverter of PV plants


An important point of attention when purchasing a PV plant, is the dimensioning of the inverter in relation to the solar panels. For example, one can opt for an over- or under-dimensioning of the inverter. In this article, we will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches. Over-dimensioning inverter One of the motives […]

More than 2,500 square meters of solar modules in the North Sea


The Dutch consortium Oceans of Energy will install a ‘solar farm’ of 2,500 square meters in the North Sea, as a three-year pilot project. Solar modules in the middle of the North Sea, it sounds not so obvious at first glance. “Yet the principle is simple”, explains founder Allard Van Hoeken on Belgian Radio 1. […]

Growth PV industry results in 175.000 additional jobs

Solar panels panorama

Research from SolarPower Europe and EY shows that in the year 2021, not less than 175.000 employees will be active in the European PV industry.  Due to the crisis in the PV landscape, in Europe no less than 200.000 jobs have been lost since 2008. Meanwhile, growth has started and the number of employees will […]

Italian energy regulator approves application PIDbox technology


Until recently, owners of PV plants in Italy were not allowed to make changes to their installation on penalty of loss of certificates. This measure made it impossible to connect efficiency enhancing devices like the PIDbox to solar panels. Due to efficiency losses PV installations in Italy underperformed structurally. This is why the Italian energy […]

Successful implementation PIDbox on PV plant with Tigo optimizers

Tigo Optimizers

Tigo is the developer of products that solve solar shading issues and solar panel mismatching. As can be read here, the PIDbox of iLumen can without any problem be installed to solar panels with Tigo optimizers. Several successful results were already achieved on the field. On March 15, 2016, the PIDbox of iLumen was installed […]