Global PV capacity additions hit 115 GW in 2019, says IEA

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In terms of new solar installations, China was the world’s largest PV market for the third year in a row with 30.1 GW of fresh capacity in the 12 months to the end of December, followed by the United States with 13.3 GW and Japan with 7.7 GW. Last year, PV developers throughout the world […]

Generating solar energy at night? American scientists convinced it’s possible

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Generating electricity at night with solar panels? It sounds too good to be true. But according to two American researchers, it is possible. And even with a decent return: under a clear starry sky, up to 25 percent of the daily yield. Under such ideal conditions, solar panels could provide approximately 50 watts per square […]

IEA: “Put renewable energy at the heart of stimulation plans against corona”

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Following the International Energy Agency (IEA), international governments must put clean energy at the center of the stimulus plans to combat the economic damage caused by the corona virus.  “The impact of the coronavirus around the world and the resulting turmoil in the world markets is dominating global attention. Governments are responding to these interconnected […]

IRENA publishes recommendations for worldwide growth in solar energy

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IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) recently published a paper about the global future of solar energy. The document focuses primarily on the necessary growth of the PV industry to achieve the climate objectives. The main conclusions of the IRENA report are summarized below: Accelerated solar PV deployment coupled with deep electrification could deliver 21% of […]