Belgian Solar team presents new solar car for World Solar Challenge

Agoria Solar Team

For a year, nineteen engineering students from KU Leuven worked on the development of their new solar car, the ‘Blue Point’. With this solar car they will participate from October 13 in the World Solar Challenge, the unofficial world championship for solar cars in Australia. The car is built around a 2.6 square meter solar […]

New-look Solar Team extremely ambitious: “Best Belgian solar car ever”

Solar Team Agoria

In October 2018, the Belgian Solar Team won the Carrera Solar Atacama, a solar car race in Chile. In preparation for the World Solar Challenge, the World Cup in Australia in October, the team proposed a new main sponsor. Agoria succeeds Punch Powertrain, which means that from now on the team will be called Agoria […]

Belgian Solar Team prepares for World Solar Challenge

World Solar Challenge 2015

The World Solar Challenge is the most famous race for solar-powered electric vehicles, which will take place in Australia between 18 and 25 October. The participating teams aim to be the first to arrive in Adelaide after a race of more than 3.000 km departing from Darwin. The Belgian participant, the Punch Powertrain Solar team, […]

Visit Solar Tour 13/08/2014

Solar Team 2014 iLumen

The Solar team GROUP T is a group of enthusiastic students who build their own solar car and drive 3000 km in the Australian desert. The owners of Ilumen themselves cooperated to this a few years ago so they still have good contacts with the current Solar team. On Monday the 4th of August, the […]