SolarEdge PIDbox test
Test case proves positive impact PIDbox on SolerEdge technology yield

Several owners of solar panels use the so-called ‘power optimizer’ products of SolarEdge. As described earlier, the PIDbox of iLumen is the only solution in the market that is compatible with these products.

The power optimizers try to achieve a higher efficiency by providing a control unit at each solar panel that gets the maximum power out of the panel. In a conventional PV system, the maximum efficiency is obtained from a complete string.

When opting for a ‘power optimizer’, this device is inserted between each solar panel and the inverter. As with conventional PV systems, the efficiency enhancing PIDbox Mini can be installed in this configuration without affecting the operation of the inverter.

The full statement of SolarEdge concerning the compatibility of the PIDbox can be read here.


Impact PIDbox

The graph below shows the impact of the integration of a PIDbox in a PV plant of 18 panels according to the SolarEdge technology. One PIDbox Mini was connected to this installation while the evolution in yield could be observed on panel-level via the SolarEdge monitoring system.

The graph shows, over a period of less than 2 months, the clearly favorable evolution in yield of each individual panel as a result of the installation of the PIDbox. The yield of each panel is expressed as a percentage relative to the best-performing panel in the string (reference value 100%).

SolarEdge PIDbox test

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