Testing the efficiency enhancing PIDbox

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Testing the efficiency enhancing PIDbox

As we consider the confidence in the proper functioning of our products as very important, we ask on a regular basis to various independent third parties to test our PIDbox. 

Ilumen’s PIDbox regenerates solar panels affected by PID and prevents them from future efficiency losses.

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Matthias Van Meerbeek en Jorge Henderickx, students energy technology at Thomas More Hogeschool, took a critical look at Ilumen’s PIDbox. They found out that for each PV system on which the PIDbox was installed, the power output increased. The lowest efficiency increase amounted to just under 3 % , the maximum increase reached nearly 17 %. On average, the efficiency of the PV systems examined increased by 7.45 %. Payback time of the investment in the PIDbox was, for the more than 30 PV systems investigated, lower than three years.

The results of this research can be consulted here .


Ilumen’s PIDbox was tested by TüvRheinland for its ability to regenerate PV systems that were affected by PID. The PIDbox met all the imposed specifications and succedeed smoothly for the different tests.

The results of this research can be consulted here .

The independent agency Eliosys tested the PIDbox in 2013 and 2014 under various conditions.

To detect defects of solar panels that are not visible during a classic visual inspection, the panels were subjected to inspection by means of electroluminescence. Then the maximum power of the module was tested before and after being exposed to various environmental factors.

Solar panels affected by PID appeared to evolve at short notice to their reference efficiency (or higher) after the PIDbox was installed, as shown in the figure below.


The results of this research can be consulted here .

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