PIDbox series versus parallel
The difference between PIDbox iLumen and other PID solutions explained

Solar power is one of the best solutions to provide residential and non-residential buildings with renewable energy. One of the characteristics of solar panels is that they are subjected to efficiency losses due to Potential Induced Degradation or PID. In order to prevent solar panels from PID, iLumen developed the PIDbox. This device increases the efficiency of solar panels and extends their life.

But what makes the PIDbox of iLumen so unique in comparison with other PID solutions in the market? The PIDbox is connected in series between the solar panels and the inverter. Therefore the PIDbox works completely independent of the inverter. This is why the PIDbox will never cause harm to the inverter. iLumen acquired several patents for this unique series technology

Inverter warranty

Other PID solutions in the market, like for example the PIDbox Light, are connected in parallel between the solar panels and the inverter. These devices do not work independently of the inverter, which will cause inverter warranties to be void. A parallel PID solution can only be installed with permission of the inverter manufacturer.

The main difference in operation between the PIDbox and a parallel solution like the PIDbox Light is situated at night. During the night, the PIDbox only sends a current to the solar panels while the inverter side is entirely obstructed.  A parallel solution sends a small amount of current to the solar panels while up to 99% of the current flows to the inverter. This will cause inverter warranty to be void.

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