Try & buy a PIDbox for free!

iLumen is excited to inform you on a very special PIDbox offer.

During a 60 day trial, iLumen will demonstrate yield gains of >5% on your PV plant by integrating a PIDbox.

If yield gains are <5%, the PIDbox will be returned to iLumen and you will get your money back!

Procedure free PIDbox trial

ilumen iLumen ships 1 PIDbox (IP 65) to your PV plant of choice
ilumen You allow us access to your monitoring system
ilumen iLumen provides an installation package including technical support for mounting the PIDbox
ilumen After 60 days of monitoring, the yield gains are objectively determined
ilumen In case yield gains are < 5%, the customer is allowed to return the PIDbox to iLumen and the deposit will be refunded by iLumen.

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Try & Buy PIDbox offer

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