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Visit Solar Tour 13/08/2014

The Solar team GROUP T is a group of enthusiastic students who build their own solar car and drive 3000 km in the Australian desert. The owners of Ilumen themselves cooperated to this a few years ago so they still have good contacts with the current Solar team.

On Monday the 4th of August, the Solar Tour started for the fourth time. The award-winning solar car, the Indupol One, was exhibited at each cooperative company. After a detailed explanation of the students, we can only admire this clever piece of technology that allowed the Solar team to win the “Innovation award” during the solar race of last year.

Given the sunny weather, the Indupol One was quickly made operational and has driven a few laps around the company premises. ‘Boys will be boys ” and soon a small race was started between the Indupol One and the Renault Twizy electric car –which is used as mainly a promo car within Ilumen-.


We wish the Solar team all the best in their race across Australia in October 2014!

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