Visitor info session iLumen European Solar Challenge wins free PIDbox

During the weekend of September 22 and 23, iLumen organized a number of information sessions on Circuit Zolder about the most hot topics in the PV sector. Product innovations such as the efficiency-increasing PIDbox and home battery iLubat were also discussed extensively.

After the information sessions, the numerous attendees were given the opportunity to purchase the PIDbox. Especially for the occasion, iLumen has raffled no less than 3 free PID boxes among the buyers.

Enjoy the sun even more

After attending one of the information sessions, Paul Caelen and his partner decided to purchase a PIDbox for their PV installation. Energy Advisor Yassine Farah was given the honor today to hand over the free PIDbox.

“I have participated in a lot of contests in the past, but have never won, and that is now finally changing with iLumen’s PIDbox!”, Paul reacts enthusiastically.

Thanks to the installation of the PIDbox, Paul and his partner can enjoy the sun even more. Congratulations!

Want to know more about our PIDbox?

Discover how the PIDbox increases the efficiency of your solar panels!

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