What is PID?

What is PID?

Characteristic for PV installations is that they will underperform as a result of Potential Induced Degradation or PID.

PID occurs on all photovoltaic panels, often without the owner of the installation being aware of it, and implies accelerated efficiency losses. Due to high humidity and temperature differences, certain solar cells become inactive.

As a result, the solar panels degrade faster and therefore don’t achieve the expected return during their lifetime. The degradation process often occurs after 2 or 3 years and after this it will proceed fast.

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Which solar panels suffer from PID?

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Scientific research has shown that each solar panel suffers from PID. Especially PV systems that were installed after 2008, appeared to be very sensitive for PID. This conclusion is confirmed by independent research of Solar Tester, which shows that more than two thirds of solar panels of 10 years or younger is suffering from efficiency losses greater than 20%.

In 2008, it became impossible to ground the cable that runs from the solar panels to the inverter (negative pole). This resulted in larger tensions, and therefore in more leakage current to the earth.

Nevertheless, PV-systems installed before 2008 suffer from Potential Induced Degradation. So-called ‘PID-free’ solar panels do not exist!

How to fix the PID issue?

Engineers of iLumen have developed a solution that regenerates and prevents from efficiency losses due to Potential Induced Degradation.

The PIDbox increases the efficiency of PV systems and extends their lifetime. Ask a free quote for more information.

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PID results in efficiency losses for PV systems. This of course has a negative impact on the energy production and your energy bill. The ingenieurs of iLumen developed the PIDbox to regenerate the PID process.

How much additional energy can you produce when you install a PIDbox?

Independent Research proves an average efficiency increase of 7,45% after a PIDbox is installed. The minimum efficiency increase equals 3%, the maximum increase almost 17%.

In addition, the PIDbox does not only have a positive impact on the amount of energy generated, but also on the life span of your solar panels This means you and your PV system enjoy a profitable win-win situation!

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