Increase the efficiency of your solar panels with the PIDbox

ilumen's PIDbox

Typical for PV systems is that after some time they will underperform due to Potential Induced Degradation (PID).

As a solution, our internal R&D department developed the PIDbox, based on intensive research and several tests.

This patented device is installated between the solar panels and the inverter to regenerate the affected solar cells and to extend their lifetime.

What is PID?

PID or Potential Induced Degradation occurs on all photovoltaic panels, often without the owner of the installation being aware of it.

Because of PID the solar panels degrade faster and therefore don’t achieve the expected return during their lifetime. The degradation process occurs after 2 or 3 years and after this it will proceed fast.

Which solar panels suffer from PID?

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Scientific research has shown that each solar panel suffers from PID. Especially PV systems that were installed after 2008, appeared to be very sensitive for PID.

In 2008, it became impossible to ground the cable that runs from the solar panels to the inverter (negative pole). This resulted in larger tensions, and therefore in more leakage current to the earth

How to fix the PID issue?

The loss of efficiency caused by Potential Induced Degradation, can be prevented by the installation of a PIDbox.

This device is placed between the solar panels and the inverter and will regenerate the affected solar cells and extend their lifetime.

Increased efficiency?

[porto_testimonial style=”testimonial-style-4″ name=”Jurgen Gobyn” role=”CEO” company=”GOBO Transport & Logistics” photo_id=”4820″ label=””]Throughout our monthly efficiency report we can follow up all gains perfectly. We had PIDboxes placed on our 3 installations this March. Already in April and May we saw an increase in efficiency.

The investment in the PIDbox clearly was a very good choice.[/porto_testimonial]

PID decreases the efficiency of your PV system. This loss of efficiency can be prevented by means of a PIDbox. What is your energy gain when installing a PIDbox?

According to recent research, efficiency of solar panels increases with 7,45% after a PIDbox is installed. The smallest increase of efficiency was just lower than 3%, while the maximum increase was up to almost 17%.

Moreover, the PIDbox does not only influence the amount of energy produced but it also extends the lifetime of your solar panels. You already see the double win for you PV system?


Discover how the PIDbox increases the efficiency of solar panels!