iLumen's Pidbox
Why iLumen’s PIDbox is the only PID solution that prevents from and cures efficiency losses

The PIDbox of iLumen increases the yield of PV modules and extends their life. This patented device is unique in the sense that it is the only PID solution in the market that is installed in series between the PV modules and the inverter.

As a result, the PIDbox operates completely independent of the inverter and will never void inverter warranty. The difference between the operation of the PIDbox and other PID solutions is explained in the video below.

Maximum Voltage 500 vs. 1.000 V

In addition to the advantages of the series connected PIDbox compared to parallel connected PID solutions (no inverter damage, prevent and cure from PID, no replacement of PV modules), there still is another important point of attention.

iLumen's Pidbox

PID solutions in parallel can only apply a maximum voltage of 500 V. From practice and various tests, it is proven that at this voltage it is impossible to regenerate PID. The PIDbox Mini (series connected) of iLumen allows voltages up to 1.000 V, making it perfectly possible to prevent from, but also to cure from efficiency losses.

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