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World’s largest solar installer ‘extremely satisfied’ with PIDbox results

Because of Potential Induced Degradation (PID), solar panels can suffer from yield losses up to 70%. iLumen developed the PIDbox, a device that increases the efficiency of solar panels affected by PID and extends their life.


In a partnership between Omron (one of the world’s largest technology companies) and Juwi Energie Rinnovabili (the largest solar installer in the world), PID recovery was closely analyzed when their plant was retrofitted with KP100L inverters and PIDbox Mini‘s.

In just 24 hours, a noticeable improvement occurred in measured I-V-curves while a 15% gain in the plant’s performance ratio was observed after just 1 week.

By combining technology to both recover and prevent PID with the PIDbox Mini and the KP100L inverter respectively, Juwi Energie Rinnovabili realized benefits immediately and was extremely satisfied with the outcome.

The full report from Omron and Juwi Energie Rinnovabili can be consulted here.

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